Toronto local courier service

We provide local courier and delivery sevices in Toronto and surrounding areas. You can choose to use our on-demand delivery app or call 1-877-470.1999 to get your deliveries delivered. Our services are same day, next day, and ugent deliveres. Schedule a pick-up and drop off addess and we will get it delivered safely and securely, that's Assured!

Covid-19 Delivery

We are committed to health and safety. Protecting our employees, customers and community is assured parcel top priority. If you are sick or have any covid 19 symptoms please do not use our services until you are not showing any symptoms. our employees are encouraged to avoid prolonged close contact with others and maintain a minimum physical distance of approximately two metres from others. We are not taking signatures to have a delivery that is contactless. Our employees wear mask and gloves, also we wash or sanitize before, after and between deliveries.

Use our On-Demand delivery app

The delivery app is simple and easy to use, just make an order and insert your pickup and drop off addresses next choose a vehicle needed for your delivery and pick one of our courier delivery services we offer same day, next day and urgent. Once details are done our employees will pick up n deliver your item. Simple. Once successfully delivered, you will gain points to get discounts on future deliveries.

Get Started

Quickly and easily setup your profile.

Order for Delivery

Choose delivery vehicle and create order.

Secure Payment

No worry about payment,

Assured Parcel app Features

No need for phone calls and paperwork, everything you need right at the fingertips of your phone.

    Assured Parcel Customer
  • On-demand Delivery

    Have your deliveries made right fom you hand held device. Choose a time and the delivery will be made.

  • Real-time tracking

    Know exactly where we are with your delivery and be notified when your parcel is picked up and dropped off.

  • Earn points on each order

    Earn and save! Gain points on each delivery to save on future deliveries.

    Assured Parcel Driver
  • Flexible schedule

    We offer flexible schedules based on your availability.

  • Lot of Vehicles

    We offer a variety of delivery vehicles in our fleet.

  • State of the art company

    Be a part of a state of the art delivery company.

Earn Delivery Points with Assured Parcel

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Become a Driver with Assured Parcel

We are always looking for great team players to expand our services. If you would like to join us, enter your email below and we will contact you.

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